How To Change Your Life

How To Change Your Life

This is the ultimate guide to changing your life.

I am aware of the ramifications of calling this the “ultimate guide”, and I don’t take it lightly.

This is the guide I wish I had come across years ago, when I made a decision that things had to change and that my own life needed to be turned around.

If there is a better article on how to change your life, I would like to see it.

What’s In This Guide

In this guide, I tell you:

  • The one thing you need to do right this very moment. (go there now)
  • The single most important concept to pay attention to. (go there now)
  • Seven critical areas of your life to work on, starting today. (go there now)

If you’ve done any research on this topic, you’ll have come across plenty of advice and helpful ideas for things you can do to change and transform your life.

And while you may have learned some helpful tips and tricks, or suggestions of books that will change your life, you may still be feeling unsatisfied, and you might still be wondering:  Just how, exactly, do I go about changing my life?

When you’re done reading, you will know exactly what your next steps will be, and it is my hope that you will return to this guide again when you moments of doubt.

Know that my intention as the writer of this guide is to give you something that is nothing short of life changing.

With that lengthy preamble out of the way, let’s get right to it.

What You Need To Do Right This Moment back to top

What I’m going to tell you to do first, is the most important thing of all.

It’s more important than reciting affirmations.

It’s more important than waking up earlier.

It’s more important than exercising, or meditating, or practicing NLP on yourself or any other strategy for effective change you may have read about.

What you need to do this very moment is make a decision.

You need to make a decision that you are going to change your life.

You may not have the belief in yourself or the confidence you think you need.

You may not be in the best financial situation.  Or your relationship or family situation may not be ideal.

Whatever it is, none of that matters as much in this moment.

What matters most right now, is that you make a commitment.

You need to say the following words to yourself:

Yes I Am Going To Change My Life.

Take a minute, and stop and say those words several times to yourself in your mind.

What you are doing is making a commitment to yourself.  That you’re going to do this.  You are going to turn your life around, no matter what it takes, no matter what you have to do, and no matter what obstacles you think are facing you.

No matter how hard or how scary or how difficult it may seem.

You have to make the commitment, to turning your life around.

If you don’t make this commitment, you’ll always have an excuse to give up, to not hold yourself to any standard.

Either you want to do this, or you don’t.  Which one is it?

Right now is your moment of decision.

Say the words to yourself:

Yes, I am going to do this.  

Yes, I am going to change my life.

What To Do Next

After committing to changing your life, now what?

What do you do next?

There are several paths you can take.  I’m going to explain shortly the seven areas of your life that are important to work on.

But first, I want you to consider that you’ve just made a major shift in your life by making the commitment to change.

That commitment you just made is a big life-changing step, and I believe it’s one you should be proud of.

If you have made a decision to change your life around, for the first time, after reading this article, I want you to next take a moment to feel how important that is.

Because this is the moment you’re going to remember.  This is the day you will look back on as the turning point.  This is the article you’ll remember reading.  This is the moment in time when it all changed for you.

And that, is exciting.

The next actual steps you can take are many, but first I need to cover the one single most important thing to take away from reading this article.

The Most Important Thing To Know back to top

If there is one single most important concept to understand, when it comes to changing your life, it is this:

In order to change your life, you need to change who you are.

Now, think about what that means for a moment.

You must change who you are.

Not your circumstances. Not your situation.

Not where you live. Not who you are in a relationship with.

Not the car you drive, or the clothes you wear.

Who you are has to change. From the thoughts you think, to the reactions and responses you give to others, to the expectations and beliefs you have about yourself.

You have to change first, and then you can start to change your circumstances, or your relationships, or where you live.

But changing who you are has to come first. You need to become the person who is living the life that you are dreaming of living. If you can go and become that person, that’s when your life is truly going to change.

How To Get There

The road to getting there is different for every person.

You might need to exercise more, or change your diet.

Or, you might need to start going to a church, or take up a class in school.

You might need to break off some toxic relationships in your life. You might need to surround yourself with different people.

Everyone is different.  You have to find what works for you, assess what you’re already doing that is working well, vs what things in your life aren’t working well, and move forward from there.

Whatever it takes, is what you have to do.

You must develop a mantra in your mind, that whatever it takes to get you there, is what you will do.

This, is what I find is the most difficult part for most people, by the way.

Because sometimes it is hard. Really hard.

It’s so easy sometimes to make excuses, or to put things off, to give in to addictions, or to just slack off in a comfort zone, instead of taking the action we know we need to take to change our life around.

That’s why having an attitude of whatever it takes is what you need to develop.

The good news is that it is possible, and there are steps you can take to work on flexing your personal development muscles. Let’s move on to those things next.

Change Your Thoughts, Beliefs, and more

The thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself are crucial.

Maybe you have heard the phrase: Change your Thoughts, Change your Life.

It’s a great phrase and a powerful idea.  But it’s also a popular saying that is tossed around so much that it’s value can be overlooked.

And although it is true –  that if you want to change your life, you’re going to have to change your thoughts – in my opinion changing thoughts isn’t enough.

That’s right, it’s not just your thoughts that have to change.  Your very beliefs have to change too.

And not just thoughts and beliefs either.

In fact, I would say there are seven total areas of your life that need to change.

The 7 Things to Change back to top

The 7 things to change, in order to change your life are the following:

  • Thoughts
  • Beliefs
  • Feelings
  • Behaviors
  • Expectations
  • Intentions
  • Attitude

Let’s look briefly at each of these.

Change Your Thoughts

Changing your thoughts is where it all begins.

You must change the thoughts you are thinking throughout the day, in order to change who you are and become the person you need to be.

So for example, if the thoughts you’re thinking regularly are thoughts like “I can’t do it” or “Things never work out for me” or “I’m just not good enough”, those are the very thoughts that are keeping you down and holding you back.  You must change these thoughts to more positive, optimistic and hopeful thoughts about yourself and about your life.

How do you change thoughts?

You change your thoughts with practice. By learning to cut off any negative, self-critical, or disempowering thoughts, and replacing those with more empowering ones.

It may sound simple but it can take a lot of effort at first.

Start by observing the thoughts that you have, and then work on changing the ones you recognize as being harmful, and replace them with better ones.

Change Your Beliefs

Now we get a little bit deeper.  Beliefs are the foundation of your whole outlook on life, and once you get more practiced at changing thoughts, you can then begin work on changing your beliefs too.

The thing about beliefs is, they are just thoughts you have been repeatedly thinking your whole life.  They’re just more set in stone than other thoughts, and thus they can appear at first to be harder to change.

But just like any other thoughts, beliefs can be changed too, and once you can get beliefs changed, then you can really make some progress with changing your life.

Change Your Feelings

Start paying close attention to how you feel in each moment.  What feels good to you?  What doesn’t feel good?

You want to move toward that which feels good, and away from the things that make you feel bad.

This can be a tricky thing though, because what I’m talking about is your emotional state of being.  So it might feel physically good to take some drugs for example, ask yourself if it’s really helping your emotional wellness.

Do you get upset often?  Depressed often?  Angry?

What makes you joyful and proud?  What makes you feel excited and passionate?

Pay attention to that.  Let those things be your guide.

You don’t want more anger or depression or despair.  But you do want more happiness, joy and fulfillment.

Change Your Behaviors

What behaviors have become so habitual for you, and yet you know they aren’t doing you any good?

That’s what you want to change.  Start being aware of old habits, or any behaviors that are dragging you down, and replace those with behaviors that are good for you.

Such as exercising.  Waking up earlier in the morning.  Maybe taking a walk instead of sitting on the couch watching television.

Do what you need to do to make yourself feel good about yourself.

Change Your Expectations

What is it you expect from yourself, or from your life?

Do you have an expectation that good things will happen to you?

Or do you expect to be uncared for, unloved, stepped on, betrayed, disregarded, or abused?

Start changing the expectations you have about yourself, and about others too.

If other people in your life aren’t meeting your new set of expectations, then it’s time to remove those people from your life.

If your situation isn’t bringing you what you expect from yourself and from your life, find a way to change the situation.

In life, we very often get what we expect out of it.

Therefore it’s important to change what we expect, so that we can start having the things in life that we really want.

And yes, it’s ok to expect more.  You aren’t wrong or selfish or greedy for wanting and expecting more.

Change Your Intentions

Intentions are different from expectations.

Intentions are more about your own personal actions and goals.  It can be closely related to the expected outcome, but what you intend to do is in fact different from the result you expect.

Ask yourself, what are your intentions?  Have you ever really thought about it?

Sometimes we get into auto-pilot mode in life, floating about from one thing to another.

When you set an intention, you’re setting yourself up for a goal or result you want to achieve, and that is very important as you move forward in changing your life around.

By making a decision to change your life, that is an example of setting an intention.

It’s very powerful, isn’t it?  Much more concrete than the abstract expectation you may have about how things will turn out.

Change Your Attitude

Finally, last but not at all the least, you want to work on changing your attitude.

My own personal motto in life is: Attitude Is Everything.  Because to me, it really is everything.

You may not have control over your circumstance, or whatever situation you’re in, but you can always find a different attitude about that situation, and that is very powerful.

Changing your attitude is like changing your entire energetic being.  In any moment, you can go from upset, angry or depressed, to being optimistic, understanding and joyful.

Change your attitude, and you really can change your life.

By having an attitude of optimism, joy, appreciation, excitement and passion, you naturally draw to you more of those things that make you feel optimistic, joyful, appreciative and excited.

Call it law of attraction, call it what you like.

The fact is, attitude is everything.

From this day forward, start carrying with you the best attitude you can manage in each and every situation.

If you start working on these seven things – thoughts, beliefs, feelings, behaviors, expectations, intentions and attitude – it will be inevitable that you will change your life around.

The only question is how quickly things change.  That part, is up to you.

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