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Recently I have been following more Facebook pages that I would call inspirational, motivational, and spiritual in nature. I like to spend time on Facebook, sharing links on my personal page, updating my own Facebook fan page, and commenting and giving ‘Likes’ to others.

What I have found are some very inspirational pages, some of them having millions of followers. I got to wondering what are the top inspirational Facebook pages?

The following is a very loose list of pages I have discovered on Facebook, most of which I follow and enjoy their posts.

The ones with the higher number of subscribers are going to take priority in criteria, however my own opinions, awareness of, and interaction with these pages will play some part in what gets decided to be listed here.

For the moment I’m not going to make it a list in any particular kind of order or ranking. So this is just a random list, I may miss some, I may overlook others.

If you think a page should be included, you are welcome leave a comment with your suggestion.

And so here is my list of the top inspirational pages on Facebook.

The Idealist – (as of Feb 2016), claiming 2,200,000 Likes.

Catalyzing Change – with 353,000 Likes (as of Feb 2016). States as the mission of the page: “To spread positive energy and wisdom on various topics from Ancient History to Science and Animals.”

Soul Speaking – with 2,370,000 Likes (as of Feb 2016), Soul Speaking is a community “celebrating the connection to my authentic self.”

Sun Gazing – over 6,000,000 Likes (as of Feb 2016), citing the mantra: “May all beings be released from suffering.”

Dr Wayne Dyer with 2,800,000 Likes as of Feb 2016.

Take Control Of Your Life Now, my own personal development page, with 2,500 Likes as of Feb 2016.

Do you have any more inspirational Facebook pages to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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